Lately I couldn’t keep my hands off this baby. This over-sized clutch came to me courtesy of The Best Friend whom I asked to keep a lookout for while she’s in States. Thank heavens The Best Friend knows good taste and style! :)

Metallic gold may seem a tad flashy at first, but on a closer look, it’s really just dusty gold (translate: vintage) which goes well with most of my clothes. I can’t say enough the pros of carrying an over-sized clutch such as this. The Boyf had some difficulty understanding why a normal smaller clutch/handbag wouldn’t work. It’s easier to say that for a night’s out, all we girls need is a lip gloss, credit card and our cell phone.

I wish that’s all I would need in my handbag but fairytale ends here. What about camera? Awesome photos don’t come from cell phones, trust me. What about ID, actual money, tissue paper, a couple of accessories (in case you need to up your game against the girl next to you) and other knick-knacks such as the DVD you so need to return to a friend cos she’s been bugging you since forever?

Get the drift?

Anyway girlfriends are girlfriends. She didn’t question my wants and determined my needs and got me this!

Shaped like an old-school envelope, I found the perfect accessory to go with the clutch. I love the nostalgic charm of the keychain - a red English postbox with a sealed love letter (I would like to think so heh :)). Spot the difference between the two pictures above? ;)

The Boyf wasn’t too pleased about the keyring but that’s a separate story. I fell in love with the miniature postbox as soon I set my eyes on it. A fleeting moment but I couldn’t stop drooling over it.

The clutch is a size well-done for me. It holds my wallet, a lip balm and lipstick, my mobile and camera just well. Still got space for a few other knick-knacks! I refrained myself from stuffing too much in the clutch. A bulging clutch is as bad as having a bulging tummy.

Simple sophistication is my best friend. :)



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