S U R P R I S E ! ! !

The Boyf took the opportunity while I was out celebrating my birthday with The Girlfriends, to fill my room with (fave!) helium balloons and bought two robovoski hamsters as my new pet!


I was so delighted that I jumped around in my room, swinging my arms up and down, sweeping the long cascading ribbons side to side, humming a non-existent song and forgetting The Boyf’s presence; like a kid who’s playing air castle for the first time. Heh.

The truth is, I thought The Boyf was up to something but since I’ve always thought too highly of him when it comes to romantic surprises, I let my suspicion slide. Seriously, why else would he keep calling me to ask what time I was leaving my house?

Two years ago, The Boyf made a triple chocolate ice cream cake which was so huge I named it ‘Da Bomb’. Two years forward, he got me a pair of robovoski hamsters, one of which is so chubby like ‘da bomb’! My goodness, they were beyond adorable! They prolly don’t have eyes as big as Tofu’s, but still lovely to watch as they scurried around their new home like energizer bunnies.

I’ve yet to name them. That’ll be my headache for the next few days. :)

Vicky’s home-made triple layer banana chocolate chips with vanilla bean cream!!!

I’m just glad last night’s dinner with the girls turned out great after all. It was pretty awful when I found out TAB overlooked my reservation and failed to inform me that the venue was booked for a private event. Despite me calling on three different occasions to confirm my reservation, the staff still missed that out!?

Weekend’s a bitch to get any seating promptly in any other restaurants in town. I count my day unlucky when a few girlfriends cancelled on me last minute (actually as per usual, I shouldn’t be surprised). Anyways TAB’s owner got the brunt of my unfriendly complaint. Let’s just hope that whoever took my reservation wakes up his idea.

Despite the booboos at the start, the dinner was wonderful. I love introducing different groups of friends to each other. There’s always a warm fuzzy feeling in me, when I see my friends getting along with each other. Feels like one whole family. :)

As I write and munch off the last bits of Victoria’s AWESOME cake, the balloons are losing the helium and floating mid-air like lost sheep wandering around this little patch of grassland. I cut off the ribbons to lighten the load and switched on the fan. Soon, they circled the room, riding along the air current and kids playing merry-go-round. Colourful lollipops floating above my head like minions waiting for my next command. Magical, I say.

It’s my birthday. I’m allowed to fantasize, can’t I? :)


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