This Christmas, unlike past years, have been strangely quiet. I say this because (1) there no new movies released to tug our vulnerable heart strings and wallets (2) I have not been partying (!).

True story. I decided to just let the season slide and go with the flow. Past years have seen me flustered with house parties, late-comers and guests who simply didn’t turn up (the monster rain’s the culprit). Then I gave myself headaches over the dinner menu, entertainment and gifts (right down to the order of songs on my iPod playlist). Monstrous is the way to describe it.

I won’t deny I had a lot of fun :) Warm memories still etched in my mind. But really, this yearly routine/ritual and its accompanying hassle wears me down. This year, I just want to chill with the family.

Of course you will never find me far from a bottle of bubblies no matter what. First at our homely Christmas dinner. Right after that, The Boyf and I joined some friends at TAB for more drinks. You may remember TAB from my encounter about my birthday dinner reservation being screwed up. Well, Adrian and Varian, the co-owners promised to ‘make it up’ to me and they did it just right.

All I could say is I was pretty high on bubblies by the time the clock stuck at midnight.

I’m rather excited about 2011. A couple of close friends getting married (read: excuse to purchase new clothes!) and a plan to get the hell out of town this time next year for a holiday. A white Christmas I’m hoping :)

Happy holidays to y’all :)


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