My previous post about Hard Rock Hotel here. ;)

Though the Marine Life Park and Maritime Xperiential Museum are not opened, there’re still tonnes to do and see at RWS/Sentosa for a three-day two-night stay. First, take LOADS of pictures at the signature Universal Studios globe. If one side of the glode is too crowded, there’s always the other side. 360 degrees baby!

Secondly, again take loads of pictures with the cute mascots outside of the candy stores like Candylicious and Hershey’s! Say AHHHHH~!

At 9.00pm daily, enjoy the spectacular Crane Dance as a pair of mechanical cranes, whose undying love for each other transforms them into real birds, unfold at the waterfront. I highly recommend this performance. Albeit the short performance time (ten minutes), it’s one of the most spectacular water/laser/mechanics shows you’ll find in Singapore (at least)

Savour fresh cheesecorn flavoured Garrett popcorns without have to queue!

Take the Sentosa Express to Imbiah Station, one station away from Waterfront station where RWS is located at. Then again, if you enjoy taking a nice leisure stroll with your loved ones, Imbiah is only a few minutes walk from the central plaza. Walk towards the far end of World Square (where the row of fine-dining restaurants nestled between Hotel Michael and Crockfords Tower).

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of RWS from the Starbucks cafe, as you while your afternoon away listening to piped-in jazz music. Otherwise, be amazed by the wonders of nature at the nearby Butterfly Park or have a go at the Skyline Luge to pump up your adrenaline ready for USS. ;)

The Boyf and I took the relaxing route – enjoying the breeze (yes there’s a breeze!) at the hilltop while sipping chilled ice lemon tea. Pity I have a phobia of being ‘trapped’ in a confined space with too many insects, otherwise the Butterfly Park would have been part of the itinerary. The rainforest feature at Botanic Gardens is my threshold. Blergh.

Of course, wine and dine at RWS seems less a headache than when I was at MBS. There’s a better variety of choices here, also friendly for the budget-conscious ones. :) I recommend Ruyi!

Helmed by Tung Lok Group of Restaurants, this 24-hour (yes you heard me right!) eatery serves asian dishes from $5 (ala-carte) to $12 (a set meal). I was half skeptical since eateries like this usually serve crappy food while ripping your money off, but not so with Ruyi. We found ourselves back at Ruyi for the second and third time!

When back at your hotel (if it’s Hard Rock), take MORE pictures in the guest elevator with the bling-bling backdrop. Rock-n-roll star much? ;)

And of course, there’s Universal Studios Singapore!! That, in my next post. Stay tuned!


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