The mid-year vacation was much needed. Any time later this year, my project deadlines would come after my blood and haunt me for many nights. Anyway, I was saying, the vacation was much needed. :)

Needless to say, I was crazy excited just looking at the pictures on RWS’ website and during the moment of truth (as the door opened to my room), I was blown away. Maybe I don’t have standards as high as frequent fliers and their sky-high mileage. As long as the bathroom is clean and bedsheets are thoroughly clean, I’m set. :)

Hard Rock didn’t disappoint in that matter. We were given a deluxe room with awesome pool view. Now this is not any pool; it is one of the biggest free-form pools I’ve known and it comes with a sandy beach (man-made of course!) by the side.

Picture shows only half of the entire pool area!

Slight disappointment when we learnt the pool side bar wasn’t operating (yet). However the lounging cabanas are just next to the sandy beach and once seated, we were almost immediately served by the lobby bar’s waiter who recommended us the cachaça (rum with lime and brown sugar) – an absolute delight after a morning swim. Too early for alchohol? Heh. We were on holiday man!

If you’re a gym junkie, then the 24-hour gym on ground level is just for you! Then again, the pool and its glistering water seem more inviting. ;)

There’s nothing much to shout about the room’s bathroom, though I was rather excited to see the rain shower (just my thing;)). All amenities were labeled ‘Resorts World Sentosa’; no boutique skincare products in sight. The Boyf was pretty intrigued by the mosaic tiles and the lighted mirror (the rock and roll feel).

The room’s pretty plush and most rooms do get the awesome pool view. The second night saw us peeping (from our room) at Jimmy Eat World’s ‘live’ music concert at The Coliseum, next to the pool. heehee.

My only gripe is probably the iPod dock. The set plays music from iPod and CD. As soon as we stepped into the room, we tried out the iPod dock with our iPhones. Silly I know, but iPod is almost as obsolete as CDs these days so we assumed the set should be able to support iPhone. Nope! Not at all. Considering all the state-of-the-art equipment Hard Rock boosts, this iPod dock is pretty out of place.

And oh, soup like cream of chicken is not served at breakfast.

More about the fringe activities and USS in my next post! :)


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