On our third day @ RWS, my family joined us for an entire day of fun at the mega theme park. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of theme parks and roller-coasters since I had an awful memory of throwing up one night many years ago after a theme park ride.

This time it’s different. Thriller rides aside, USS is pretty magical with its spectacular structures and themed gift stores.

The magical castle at SHREK world.

You cannot miss and not be wowed by the sheer size of these magnificent structure at MUMMY world

The Waterworld ‘live’ show deserves the first mention. Based on the eponymous movie, which by the way I heard flopped very badly, the show cast performs a series of dangerous stunts accompanied by a series of fire explosions and a series of water splashing onto the crowd. Beats the boring Lake of Dreams laser show which saw me yawning half the time. The Waterworld is highly recommended. :)

Set at Waterworld.

I shan’t bore you too much with our experience at the rides since you must try them out yourself *winks winks*.  Of course, the Battlestar Galactica is the king of crazy adrenaline-pumping machine @ USS and The Boyf couldn’t stop raving about it since day one. He got his wish and rode it (FIRST ROW!!!) with my brother. Hahaha!

Extreme left: The Boyf in blue and The Brother in orange on the ‘HUMAN’ track of Battlestar Galactica

There they areeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Certified HUMAN!

USS is like a huge-ass photo-op playground; at every corner and turn you’ll find familiar movie characters walking along the make-believe streets. The child in me was evoked BIG TIME when I saw Kungfu Panda and Woodpecker ;)

And the Best Lover Award goes to… ;)

You must stay for the fireworks at 9pm! The display lasted for about 10 minutes. The creative design and use of pyrotechnics could beat NDP’s hands down any day.

While we were there, a couple more new rides weren’t ready yet. We’ll see ourselves at USS again when the new rides are ready for operations. And to re-live the magical day again. Heh.


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