The Boyf and I got together on Friday, 13th. And unfortunately, we’ve been stuck together for nearly three years. Hah!

A little monthly celebration ensues and this month our little date brought us to Friends @ Jelita at Holland Village.

Softshell crab tempura

Pan-seared tuna steak

The starters and main course, pan-seared tuna steak are definitely worth drooling for. Everything else is pretty much plain Jane, including its dessert.

We quickly brushed the dessert disappointment away since we’ve already made plans to hop by 2A Dessert Bar for some orgasmic dessert. :) *winks*

Nothing’s changed – the bar is as crowded and Chef Janice is still as busy behind the counter. The Boyf was utterly won over by Chef Janice new (unreleased) creation – kaya. I don’t have a better word for it, except it’s a egg pudding- like texture with a warm tingling sensation. Definitely a winner on the menu when it’s ready :) Hey, I never complain being a guinea pig for food. :)

Each day as we’re moving closer to D-day ( a generic term for our wedding and collection of keys to a new house!), the pressure is greater. We’re both obsessed with the spreadsheet lately, counting the beans and crying over spilled milk. I’ve been staying away from the malls and nope, I haven’t stepped foot into H&M (!!!) I know, very unlike me. Then again, I’m not going googoo crazy over it for some other reasons too – Imma fashion snob. That story another day. :)

As for The Boyf, he was stubbornly reluctant and refused to get a new phone even though his current iPhone (1st generation) has been giving him much grief since a few months ago. After much persuasion, he finally got himself a new Samsung Galaxy SII (at a really really decent price though).

But trust me, convincing him to get a new functional mobile was as tough as dragging a pissy ox across the fields. I thought boys like new tech gadgets!

We’ve started our monthly ritual… of pooling our savings together in a joint account. It’s growing :) slowly but surely. I made some calculations – in two years, with my share of savings, I should be able to afford a designer modular sofa, a king-sized bed and that designer lamp I’ve been eyeing since forever. Heh.

Now, for me and about that new Zara handbag… URGH!


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