Suffice to say, I got The Boyf the gift. An authentic Dior Homme Intense eau de perfum which has long been discontinued in Singapore and many other countries. The Boyf was scouring the online stores without avail for some months. Bless my soul, I found the product in the most unlikely places – India’s duty-free. ;)

It did not disappoint. The perfume. The notes are the most spectacular that even I have fallen in love with the sophisticated  subtle musky fragrance.

The Boyf did not disappoint either. *chuckles* Sending me into fits of laughter when I witnessed the skills at gift-wrapping (or rather the lack of it). The chap got me a Tivoli Audio Table Radio, touted as ‘the original radio company’ that makes ‘the best sounding table radio’. True enough, the internal antenna works very well and listening to the Christmas jingles on Class 95fm was such heaven.

But I can’t bear to use it. It shall sit at my bedside table in our new house very soon. ;)

Another year has passed and new beginnings beckon. Counting down to the new year, folks!



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