Now before we go about whining how Singapore lacks the four seasons and hence the limited choice of fashion wear in our little tropical island, think again. After all, we are striving to be an arts and fashion hub (they didn’t launch women’s fashion week, men’s fashion week, Audi Fashion Week for nothing, right?). So how could the weather possibly be our damn stumbling block?

Leather sleeves’ the craze on the runway for Fall ’11. Adding a touch of rebellious chic, leather sleeves are seen on jackets, pullovers, coats and even blazers.

3.1 Philip Lim, Pullover

Jonathan Simkhai, Sweatshirt

TB, Zita Jacket

While it makes perfect sense for our European counterparts who are dipping into the cooler weather now, leather clothings are a tad hard to upkeep in our humid weather, moreover long leather sleeves. But hey, heard of mock-leather? ;)

Easy to wash (no trip needed to the dry cleaners), quick to dry and definitely a no-brainer to maintain the gloss for as long as the trend remains.

I found my answer to this wonderful trend at Pauline Ning, one of Parco’s Nextnext young designers – a neutral solid centre with bold, structured mock leather short-sleeve top. If you have a keen eye for fashion, that’s THREE top runway trends in ONE top.

Worn with cuffed Uniqlo skinny fit tapered jeans and ankle-strap stilettos

Pair it with your good ‘ol jeans for a sophisticated dress-down Friday.

Before you moan about how uncomfortable the leather sleeves would be in this hot humid weather, check your office thermostat. You’re most likely to liken it to  ‘Autumn in Seoul’ or ‘Winter in Siberia’. So if you’re planning to layer yourself with mismatch sweater and scarf coupled with tissue paper to blow your nose into, to look like an odd-ball dumpling, why not turn up the chic factor with a jacket/top with leather sleeves to beat the air-conditioning?



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