I chose a paisley dress for the first day of Lunar New Year. This is probably my third paisley dress. Heh. ;) I love paisleys like a nynoya loves batik. There’s somewhat a calming, hypnotic effect if you stare long enough at the complexes of the motif. Anyway, I was  half-hoping the elders would be so swooned over by my ‘confusing-pattern’ dress that they’d give me a bigger ang bao!

Seen here: Paisley dress, Zara; Heels in Dark Plum Ostrich, Stile

Oh, first days were FULL of food, food and more food! This dress made the perfect hiding place for the bulging tummy. There were at least four rounds of meals and lots of chit-chatting. So tired, I wound up in bed and fell dead to the world.

:) Thanks to The Boyf and his generous relatives, it’s the first time in years I received so much red packet money. I didn’t mind the repeated questions of when we’re getting hitched; it’s in the cards anyway. Strangely, I do look forward to giving out my own ang bao soon – an elevation of status in the family. Then again, I don’t mind receiving another year of ang baos. ;)


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