I am fond of hanging out at various quaint spots around the island on weekends. Blessed me, The Boyf enjoys going along with my demands hobby (if I like doing it every week, it becomes a hobby, no?). Usually it evolves around coffee. We would either visit our favourite cafes or explore a newly opened joint and could spend much time just chatting whimsical stuff over piccolo lattes and yummy cakes.

Funky retro fittings at Oriole Coffee Roasters

Once in a blue moon, The Boyf would drive me to Pasir Ris Farmway, just so I could satisfy my cravings… of watching litters of cute little puppies. We would spend at least two hours walking from one dog farm to another and be so amused by those adorable yelping pups. Don’t know why but it’s quite a therapeutic exercise for me. Of course, after every visit I would whine: “Can I get a dog now?”

Then I’d settle that craving by visiting The Pet Safari at NEX every week until our next visit to the dog farms. I know, this is such an unhealthy cycle. :P

Mini Papillon Netherlands bunny at our at-least-once-a-week hangout, The Pet Safari

We spotted this gorgeously understated bar stool at Jiak Chuan Road and we cannot stop swooning over it like kids over ice cream. Pinning it to our ‘dream house’!

Amused by the wide array of lomo cameras at the newly opened Lomography Gallery Shop

One of my favourite TGIF rewards: Earl Grey Milk Shake

What’s your favourite weekend activity? Movies? I know most people do.

Recently, we’ve added one more activity to our fave to-do list: strolling in The Boyf’s neighbourhood. Sounds like an elderly activity eh? *LOL* But really, this is how communication takes place most effectively. You chat about current issues, dreams, or even the that little blackhead on his nose that has been bugging you! Yes, I think I once did that. When else can you get that issue off your chest without repercussion?  Hah! But really, long strolls set the mood and I believe issues can be resolved in a more amicable way or sweet nothings sound much (pardon me) sweeter during a long leisure walk at night.

Try. ;)


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