I have gone quiet  for a little while, haven’t I? Oh pardon the poor me. The week and a half haven’t treated me well. Mostly last minute tasks such as taking up another colleague’s project (I shan’t comment on her competencies) and… well, mostly that. Already it kills.

Plus, I experienced a wee bit of PMSing. Weeeeeeeeee bit. Food cravings, emotional conversations and tears during the cartoon movie, Aladdin. So double whammy. I thought daily doses of evening primrose is supposed to help! *throws hands up in the air*

We must have dreams otherwise life is a dread – Gie.
Reliving my childhood at Disney On Ice! Again, tears welled up when I saw Princess Jasmine… Okay shh!

Best reward? Caffeine.

One great thing about working on a trade-only furniture show: Our second purchase from our future home!
And I  already visualise this baby hanging at our lounge corner ;) 

So-so food at Antoinette. Even so-so service by the foreign talents who thought I cannot afford a second pout of tea.
NEVER going back there.  

All thanks to a colleague whose working capabilities I shan’t comment. 

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