Isn’t it crazy how the distance one would go or the things one would do for the sake of love?

I’m getting hooked to acrylic painting since the first painting jam session  I had with my colleagues last year at Artisq. The concept revolves around a three hour session in which one is provided a canvas, paint and tools to paint anything they like. I never liked painting since I realised from my primary school days that I can never paint anything right, or realistic for that matter.

But during that art jam session, it dawned upon that I don’t have to paint Mona Lisa. Abstract works better for me (i.e. I spread the colours in any way I like and you don’t have to understand what the hell is going on).

I signed up for another session and this time, getting The Boyf along. The poor fellow still didn’t have a clue what to paint when we were seated down at our stations. I furrowed my brows at him, “See, I told you to start thinking about three weeks ago right?

He grinned sheepishly and finished his piece in just over an hour’s time. It was no masterpiece; there was the sand, sea and sky. Go figure. I was hoping we could bond over the activity. Though it didn’t go that well for him, I thought he was just the sweetest thing for accompanying me in the activities I enjoy (but maybe not so for him). I blame his sinus though; it made him a miserable man that day.

I suppose we could give it a try again, or make my turn to do something he likes. :)

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a series of hearts-themed paintings. Crazy much?

A Japanese partner recent visited Singapore and upon his suggestion, we visited Takumi for dinner. I was blown away by the price authenticity, presentation and most importantly, true freshness of the ingredients.

A beautiful Sunday evening spent chillaxing at Punggol Reservoir. Beer at a nearby restaurant included. 

My intense coffee and cake craving brought us back to Oriole Cafe at Jiak Chuan Road. But I shan’t tell you about the really handsome barista I met there because The Boyf will have a heart attack soon. ;)

Messing around with the camera apps and The Boyf didn’t notice my new shades… Gonna let it stay that way. :P

Labour Day was pretty much a bonus for us and glad it came with the launch of AVENGERS! I enthused about wanting to marry Chris Evans in that Captain America suit. The Boyf coolly replied he’ll marry Scarlett Jo without her suit. Guess that makes us even. ;)


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