Sundays are for hikes, cycles and runs and thereafter, a glass of white sangria to chillax. 

Asia Fashion  Exchange just ended. Courtesy of my  colleagues who were working on Blueprint and The Brandery Asia @ Blueprint, I was given first hand information on all the indie and up-and-coming designer labels that were participating in the shows. I was just this close to purchasing a Timo Weiland dress, until I stopped and reminded myself of a bigger picture – the house.

Yes, THE HOUSE. My colleagues were very surprised that The Boyf and I did not purchased anything from the emporium day. “The two most fashionable people I knew didn’t buy anything?” she exclaimed. I was surprised myself. Well, just the sacrifices one makes for a brighter future. One fancy Timo Weiland dress can get me at least 3 pants of well-made capris for work or a set of 100% cotton bed sheet with 300 thread count ( I think?). hahah The math is not difficult to figure.

Life still goes on; I’m not going to starve myself though. Instead, I’ve been making more practical buys. After all, budget can be fashionable too.

I reckon my next big and luxury purchase will be my wedding gown. ;)

Simply my favourite fashion quote ever. 

Cuteness overdose! An exclusive Baggu bag in neon pink with mini Feiyue sneaker keychain.

An unexpectedly good-looking nail colour that was on S A L E.

Just one of the thousands of ideas we have for our home. Blackboard paint eh? :)

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