The Boyf and I have a mutual agreement – NO MATCHING COUPLE TEE SHIRTS. None of those vomit-inducing cartoon shorts that says ‘HIS’ and ‘HER’ or worse, both of us wearing the same piggy tee. (my stomach if slipping as I write this)

I intend to abide to this agreement until my last dying breath because this is not how I demonstrate my love to the rest of the world.

Fortunately our tastes in fashion don’t differ on the extreme ends. We prefer clean simple silhouettes and emphasis on detailing and prints. Maybe too similar. On random days when we meet after work, we find ourselves walking towards another being that is dressed in such similar shades except… it’s me/him!

One day we found ourselves wearing the exact same shade of shirt in camel. Another day we both were cladded in royal blue. And just two days ago, both of us were in cardigans. Highly random and odd because the last time we wore cardis was… last year?

A Raymond Weil & a Seiko

A black, white and grey day

If you happen to meet us on the streets on one random day,  please don’t look at us as if we are wearing that piggy tee shirt. Really, we are same same but different.


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