I thought about this for a few days: what is the best way to announce and share this lovely piece of news to my loved ones? Turns out there’s no better way to get the message across except to scream at them (rather, e-scream with lots of !):


I’ve been asked on 4-5 occasions on whether I’m expecting this. Err… Well, we applied and paid for the downpayment of our apartment and that shows our long term commitment for each other, plus we have to be married to obtain possession of the house in two years’ time, so yeah marriage is on the cards.

But this proposal at this time of the year? Clearly Freaking no!

I always had the feeling that The Boyf might do this deed on my birthday in December. Or perhaps after I return from India from a project trip in the same month or maybe in conjunction with Christmas? But mid-year in June? Absolutely a SURPRISE.

A surprise delivery of bouquet of peonies to my office during lunch.

An unexpected dinner date at Salt Grill at Sky Ion. Marvelous city view!

A hearty dinner and two pages of love notes later, he got down to one knee and asked the million-dollar question.

A simple, old-school format: beautiful flowers, expensive dinner and that little red box. What made the proposal most special and person is the poem-like letter he wrote to me. I LOVE when he writes to me; The Boyf has an innate talent for writing. And I’ve been nudging him to write more. For me at least. The overdue love note is now worth it.

No matter how many times I visualised how the proposal would pan out, it doesn’t beat the real thing. It was so so surreal. I teared, of course. So elated I was, I had to control the strong urge to shout it out to the restaurant, “I’M ENGAGED!”

Perhaps it is because The Boyf spent many painstaking nights researching on engagement rings, 4Cs and even went as far as studying the depth, light throw, reflective indices, he was clearly proud of his purchase. Every couple of minutes he would go, “Let me see your hand!” The ring, he meant. I had to remind him my face is more important than the rock.

In a good way. :)

Last night, we visited the few places that hold dear memories to us. My favourite playground with the swing that I used to swing along whenever I’m unhappy (also the place when we had a longgggggg conversation and he convincing me to trust him and date him). Hah! Many things just came to our minds and how glad we are that we’ve come this far.

It seems like only yesterday we first held hands. Just awesome.


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