We had a good WHIFF of fresh air and romantically fragrant flowers at Singapore’s latest man-made attraction, Gardens By The Bay last weekend. It was a good exercise bringing both The Boyf’s family and mine out for some social interaction. :)

We were determined to beat the weekend crowd and thus started our nearly five-hour walk at 8am. Good gracious!

Man-made tree structure galore

Absoultely glad we started off early. The garden was crawling with visitors by early noon. Instead of relaxing, the noisy chatter and screaming kids were suffice to blow my mind.

Perhaps the garden (read: the FOC area) needed a little more work or a couple more years for the plants and trees to grow fuller. Now they are just saplings that could hardly provide any shade or bear flowers/fruits to attract. The walls of descriptive texts on the various themed zones are hardly exciting either. After reading about the significance of lotus and peonies in the Chinese Garden, we looked around for the REAL flowers which are nowhere to be found. Not a single water plant can be found in the little pond, except a couple of man-made sculptures.

At the Indian/Malay Garden, there were booths where spices and herbs were kept and you supposedly can have a whiff of them through a filter. But even The Boyf with such keen sense of smell thought the spices were probably left out there too long and have lost their scents. #FAIL

The two conservatories however, are gorgeous. Well, gotta PAY for admission so I wouldn’t expect anything less. Both Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are temperature-controlled to replicate the cool-dry climate so no matter how warm and humid it is out there, it will be a real treat stepping into the conservatories.

Spotted my favourite flower, Peony at Flower Dome.

Simply gorgeous

The Flower Dome spans across three levels and the colourful flowering plants are mostly located on ground level. We even spotted a strawberry plant! You HAVE TO check it out.

Jaws-drop at this 35metre tall indoor waterfall at Cloud Forest

I was all so gungho about going up to the OCBC Skyway until… I was up there. Awesome bird’s eye view of the entire garden as well as the nearby downtown area, but the narrow walkway and slightly swaying motion didn’t help. I was mentally screaming all the way. Not sure how I’m going to realise my dream of riding a hot air balloon or climbing the Sydney Habour Bridge if this acrophobia doesn’t go away. The numerous ‘practice’ at Kent Ridge Bridge does not seem to have helped.

Anyway the night view at the garden is apparently lovely too. The opporunity to visit again won’t be too long away. ;)


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