We made a second visit to Peony Jade at Keppel Club and this time, took a good look at the oceanfront gazebo where we plan to hold our soleminsation. At nearly 4pm, it was a rather comfortable area to hang out while the sea breeze cools the air. The constant lapping of sea water against the rocks became music to the ears and almost immediately, soothed the mind and spirit. This is why I want a seaside solemnisation; the atmosphere is provided for by nature and is priceless.

All we need now, is a good balmy weather on our wedding day.

Slightly battered wooden planks leading to the gazebo. I’ll worry about my stilettoes later.

The eager groom checking out the space like he needs it for a Hawaiian dance right after the ceremony. :P

Admiring the lush greenery outside of this bay window at Peony Jade.

Though it is not the most grand or fantastic wedding venue, Peony Jade meets our first tier requirements very well: a lower number of table guarantee; a seaside/outdoor area to conduct our nuptials; and GOOD Chinese cuisine. Coupled with the fact the interior is well decorated in a simple and clean mod-chinese style and there are very decent themed decors to choose from, we’re pretty sold.

There were a few friends who seemed disappointed that The Boyf and I are not looking further for more options. I can tell you my friends, this is more tiring than shopping for clothes for Lunar New Year. There is really no joy in going through floorplan after floorplan and playing out all the different scenarios in your head based on the venue. I am in exhibitions and events industry and this is what gives me my migriane.

Yup, I’m rolling my eyes. :)

The Boyf and I are just relieved that the venue is now confirmed – the biggest element that anchors the entire affair. Now that we have this headache out of the way, we are slowly inching into firming up the remaining details that will revolve around the venue. We can start deciding on the theme (actually it’s been decided), the programme flow (draft version – checked), the preliminary guest list (actually that’s the first thing we went through before sourcing for venues), the photographer (shortlisted), the gown design (got our eye on a studio already) and etc.

Too soon? Heh. Timelines, schedules and checklists are in my blood. I started off doing up a timeline just so we can have a good idea how far back we should start nailing the details. One thing after the other, and now we are pretty well ahead of the game.

Instead of running around like clueless chickens when time is already not on our side, It feels great to have ample lead time to prepare for an event; a refreshing change of circumstances from my work. Perhaps by this time next year, we’ll be twiddling our thumbs and be a really really chillax wedding couple.

Fingers crossed. ;)


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