Weekends need to last a little longer! Tell me you don’t agree? :)  I won’t say my past weekend has been uber productive but I had a few ‘first’ experiences that made me a happy girl.

I’ve been embarking on a low carb, low sugar and low dairy diet for some time, hoping to get rid of my blemish problem (I’m not worried about my weight). In addition, through my research I found out that blood A types (that’s me!) requires more seafood than red meat on their diet. Very quickly I told The Man we should try out that sushi restaurant his colleague was raving about. I was faster than Flash.

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru, at the basement of Liang Court, is highly recommended by The Man’s Japanese colleague. Unlike most local sushi conveyor belt restaurants, Ryoshi serves an amazing variety of fish and many of them we’ve never heard of. Yes, Japanese sashimi is more than tuna, salmon and yellowtail.


Plates stacking up high!

The folks at Ryoshi are so considerate for the noobs. Instead of random plates of food floating around, the sushi are grouped together on the belt with a name tag right in front of the line. Every tag includes the Japanese name of the sushi and a picture of the fish so that you’ll know what exactly you are consuming. We’ve never seen such expansive selection of fish so much so that we were busy googling every new species of fish we see.

And it turned out that Karen visited the restaurant soon after us. If the food connoisseur says it’s good, it is good!

We should have stayed for sake but we had already planned to chill the night away with whiskey instead. The Man brought me to The Quaich Bar where he hung out during his uni days. Since it was my first visit to a whiskey bar, I was clueless and left it to The Man, who is a whiskey aficionado, to order for me.

eyeemfiltered1365166786873 Japanese Nikka Taketsuru 12 years

The Man chose a Japanese whiskey that is light and smooth on the palate. Perfect for an infrequent alcohol drinker!

I can easily imagine spending quiet evenings with The Man when our new home is ready. We’ve even planned for a ledge, by the living room’s bay window, that will allow us to enjoy the breeze while sipping whiskey or sake. Or maybe coffee on weekend mornings. :) Yah, dreams are made of these.

As we draw nearer to the wedding, there are much to be done like our pre-wedding photoshoot that is just two weeks away. As much as I’d like to think I’m a non-fussy bride, I’m becoming a tad paranoid on whether the tan line on my back will go away in time (since our beach holiday last December), whether the fake eyelashes the artist use will be too fake (legit concern), whether the tissue pompoms will stay in place during the outdoor shoot, whether the sky will take a longer piss than usual and whether The Man needs to wear a mask to hide his unphotogenic face (his words, not mine!).


 My first time having full makeup on!

Thankfully, the trial makeup at the bridal studio went pretty well, putting my twisted fears to rest. Now I’m confident that the makeup artist isn’t going to turn me into a getai performer or Princess Fiona.

I couldn’t sleep well for the past few nights, worrying about the fresh flowers I need for the photoshoot. I just need a simple posy of 7 to 8 stalks of large roses and some fillers. A simple request, right? But the florist, who has those exact roses I want and a sample image of the posy, couldn’t reply me on the price even after five days, four email follow-ups and a phone call. I suppose if I wasn’t fussy with the type of roses I want, I could have gone with the wet market florist. I was nearly tearing my hair out, then she replied. Within a minute, I confirmed my order, gave my delivery address and asked how I should pay. And the florist has gone MIA AGAIN. Urgh.

I teared myself away from the nitty-gritties and kept myself busy with a terrarium workshop with The Man. Albeit a short duration, we had fun getting our hands dirty with potting soil and putting together our very own closed ecosystem. :D I will share more about our experience in another post.


Tah-dah! His hermit crab and her Bambi deer.


Working our Polaroid skills. He doesn’t need the mask, does he? ^^

Geez, just thinking about the photoshoot makes my stomach turned a bit. How will we look? Will we look awkward with poses? Will my makeup melt under the hot sun, provided it doesn’t pour? Will my fake eyelashes fall off if I blink too much? Will my veil get tangled with falling leaves if we stand under the tree in Botanic Gardens for too long? Will I get a huge pimple on my nose the night before?

So many questions… and we’ll find out soon.


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