It was the fourth day of our marriage and The Man has left and returned to work in Shanghai. :( Fortunately I have a few pictures here and there taken by friends and a photo montage to keep me grinning all day in his absence.

Photos courtesy of William Chua

The morning’s activities were so comedic that I couldn’t help but laugh in retrospect of the events. I didn’t want to miss all the action while being stuck in my bedroom so I enlisted the help of one of the bridesmaid to do a live video feed via our smartphones (tq, technology!).

So I witnessed the boys’ funny antics that morning:

  • putting renminbi in the red packets (pfft!)
  • using their feet to scoop the ice blocks out from the pail instead of pinching the Scrabble tiles out (play cheat!)
  • searching the lyrics to a song on their smartphones instead of ‘buying’ the hints (why didn’t I think of that?)
  • and The Man leading the dance to a KPop song (the original dance IC was so mellow for some strange reason LOL)

It was such a surprise watching The Man shaking his booties like a pro and scoring those moves. Hahaha He was never a dance enthusiast and always too shy to even nod his head in the club. He is not fond of clubs anyway.

Just a few days before the wedding, I was told by my maid of honour that the brothers were planning a delay tactic – to arrive really late so that the sisters have no choice but to keep the games short, or even skip some.

I warned (yes, warned) The Man not to be a spoilsport. After all, the games the sisters and I planned were really mild. I assured him nobody has to wear panties/diapers over their heads or trousers; no licking of stuff from someone’s chest; no raw egg; and no drink so sour that will make them sick. All in moderation. And the brothers learnt that I meant my word; they told me how ‘mild’ the games were and they thought the sisters were ‘so nice’. See? :)

I always thought the gate-crashing activity should be all fun and laughter, instead of humiliating and taxing.

Kudos to the brothers and sisters for being such a good sport!


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