A week before our wedding, The Man planned to whisk me off to a dinner date and celebrate my birthday. He kept the venue a surprise and according to him, the restaurant ‘is hard to book’. Sure or nottttt?

Alas, the unfavourable weather conditions in Shanghai caused him a twelve-hour flight delay. I was slightly disappointed when I learnt that because our schedules were pretty packed for the following days; we probably would not have time for a nice, relaxed dinner after that Saturday.

Fortunately The Man managed, by a hair’s breadth, to rush from the airport to meet me in time for dinner. And he drove down a familiar street – Bukit Pasoh. :) Turns out that we were on our way to The Clan Restaurant.

2013-12-07-20-22-21_decoReunited and it feels so gooodddddd

I’ve heard ravings of The Clan Restaurant and now know what’s all the fuss about. We each had a 6-course dinner, priced at $65.80++. But mind you, this is not a ‘still feeling hungry’ kind of meal. The servings were just about right, even for a big eater like The Man. For small eaters like me? Well, right after the main course, I experienced a momentary comatose.


 My main course - 48 Degree Poached Salmon w Japanese Broth, Dehydrated Wakame & Leek Confit


Cold dish – Alaskan King Crab w Seasonal Greens in Homemade Karashi Dressing


My favourite dessert! Triple Espresso Crème Brûlée

Every dish is prepared immaculately. Starters and cold dishes were not prepared like an after-thought. Salmon is a relatively easy dish to prepare but it can go so wrong with the less attentive. The poached salmon at The Clan was uber tender and succulent, with a wee bit of warm pink centre. Even the greens that accompanied the Alaskan king crab were crunchy to the bite!

The Man had one of the restaurant’s signature mains - 48 Hours Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf with Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone. And boy, it was sizzling yummy.

Erm, too bad the restaurant forgot to do the one thing The Man asked them to – a surprise birthday cake for me. Well, they must have been busy.

The price of this 6-course dinner is quite a steal. Probably not the most fantastic meal ever but we felt very satisfied with the quality of food and thoughtful service. Sans the surprise birthday cake though…

It was a great start of the last week leading to our wedding. Glad we spent time connecting with each other and NOT talking about the wedding for abit. ;)


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