Somewhere while surfing the great milk way of fashion bibles, it was announced to all mankind that micro-pleated skirts is the holy grail for spring/summer (amongst a million other floral/sorbet things).

Of which, a non-fuss black & white colour block midi pleated skirt lays. From Proenza Schouler no less. But mere mortals like me can only stare hard until the earth finishes an entire orbit around the sun and still have no sight of how I can afford this 100% polyester piece of material. Oh of course, the lining is 100% silk so it’s totally justifiable for a $1,000 price tag.


So I embarked on a mission to find a dupe. A fashion dupe. A couple days later, I found an inspiring (obviously inspired by PS) design on ASOS. And YES, ASOS is my HG for on trend designs. Granted 30% of its clothes are borderline trashy, the remaining ones are just amazing. The price too.

I was not sure if people on the streets would appreciate colour-blocking of this sort so I pared down the drama with a simple black Uniqlo airism tee, added a dash of femininity with a long pearl necklace.

The result was surprising – a number of my colleagues thought the whole outfit was pretty. They thought it was a dress! Also I have to tell them repeatedly I wasn’t planning to go party after work. LOL those girls are so adorable.

What’s your prized fashion dupe?


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