Finally I find time to pore through the 1,000 plus pictures taken on the wedding day. Mind-boggling is the word. Next task on the list – to filter and print those images that our relatives are asking for. O_O”


The morning of wedding day proceeded relatively smooth. :) I slept well the night before, save for the midnight SMS that woke me up briefly. A guest cancelled her attendance for the dinner – less than 24 hours to the event. The excuses for last minute cancellations these days are getting ridiculous. But it’s a good thing; you can filter bullshitters out from your life.

Back to happier memories. The Mother busied herself in the kitchen while my aunt brought my little niece, who’s also my adorable flower angel, to join the festivity.



Shuqin, my maid-of-honour, was up to something no good. I could hear her sinister laughter from the kitchen as the girls prepared for the gate-crashing games.


I enjoyed a brief period of clowning around with my niece before changing into my wedding gown. Here she was donning a lovely flower crown which I purchased from ISETAN, along with a flower basket in the girliest shade of pink.


1476232_10153089869259041_1934254694_n Not much of waterworks going on, not even during the traditional veiling. I was just psyched to marry and wanted to enjoy myself as much as possible!  Collage 1

One of my favourite purchases for the wedding is a pair of pearl drop earrings from Aya Jewellery. I have another pair of pearl earrings in champagne and encrusted with diamonates but I still wasn’t sure if it’s ‘The One’. By the stroke of luck, I chanced upon Aya’s gorgeous creations in Esty and the rest of history. More of this lovely Israeli shopkeeper and her creations in my next post. :)


A clearer look of Aya’s pearl earrings.


My very very tall younger brother

The gate-crashing didn’t go without drama. The Mother was SOOOO anxious that The Man would be late (can’t blame my mum; The Man has a bad rep for being blur and late). And so The Mother paced up and down the corridor, hoping The Man didn’t get cold feet and ran away. LOL. At least that’s what I thought she did. Anyway The Man was on time, but one part of his entourage got lost and ended in another carpark. Hah!

All thanks to smartphones and God-sent technology, I watched the entire gate-crashing process in my room. It was HILARIOUS! Usually brides have to wait in their room, anxious/nervous but they can’t, just CAN’T get out to join the fun. I’m glad I was able to laugh along and not miss out on such an interesting part of my part.


I’m not one who’d have my husband and friends don adult diaper or lick whip cream off one another. Stay classy, people. Stay classy.

So just for fun, The Man was required to:

1. sing a designated song – he claims to be a KTV king but he’s never sung a song proper for me. So there you go!


2. recite a romantic Teochew poem – we attended Teochew classes for beginners last year and this poem is specially meaningful because it lauds the beauty of a wife so beautiful that the husband can look at her all day without feeling hungry. HAHAHAHAHA!

I gave The Man an obvious hint some time ago that he needs to learn the poem. He got it , I guess. He printed the notes but… wait for it… left it in his car! And mind you, this isn’t a poem you can just google. So he had to pay a little penalty to get the note from my girlfriends. And needless to say, he SUCKED at it. I was half-hoping he could recite it again during the dinner but I decided to save him some face and cut him some slack. :P



My maid-of-honour sprang a last surprise task at the boys – dance to a K-Pop tune! Nothing new but just something for everyone to laugh about. This time, The Man surprised me with his enthusiasm; shaking his hips and twisting his arms to the music! This is the guy who refuses (I repeat: REFUSES) to even nod his head in the club. He hates the club. So this is a first. :)


The Mother was so proud of her coincidental find when she withdrew money from the ATM – three fresh 10-dollar notes with serial numbers ending with 12, 13 and 14 (our wedding date)!



1912064_10153089871744041_1475959341_nTaking a break before the tea ceremony begins. The gown, without any can-can, weighs a tonne. I cannot imagine what it would be like if I had wore a ball gown with the full works!



Roasted suckling pig in a very capable man’s hands


The dapper boys1610079_10153089872074041_712333052_n

Endless thank you to our friends who woke up crazy early to be part of this. :D I had so much fun and I hope they did too.

To add more fun to the festivities, we engaged Cloudstaprint, an instant print vendor that transforms all our snaps to 5″ by 3″ glossy prints. It was slightly underutilised in the morning but man, the guests went trigger-happy during the dinner. More of that separately :)


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