I close my eyes to find a place
In different time and different space
And in imagination find
A cloistered arbour for my mind
Where thought may there be unconfined

Then in my dreams a path I take
As in a trance, yet wide awake,
To see the world with open eyes
Its glist`ning sands and azure skies –
I take a walk through P A R A D I S E

– Valerie Dohren

10314609_10153194754944041_7624051914252610008_nThe Man and I just returned from Maldives. A short break from our increasingly gruelling lives. And of course, Maldives is just as out-of-this-world gorgeous as everyone who has been there said. No let-downs; pure bliss.

We stayed at Como hotel on Cocoa Island. We know we paid through our nose for the accommodation but it was worth every penny spent. The Man and I don’t travel twice/thrice/zillion times a year for couple holidays. The furthest we went was Hong Kong but that’s because he was on a work trip and I had leave to clear.

I’m glad we made the trip –  a honeymoon or sorts – and chose Como Hotels. Will share more beautiful images of Cocoa Island in a separate post. :)


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