Our recent Maldives (honeymoon) getaway can be considered as the SPLURGE of our lifetime. We stayed at Como Hotel @ Cocoa Island, an irresistibly low-key, pared-back yet luxury style resort. It’s contradictory, I know. Think Robinson Crusoe-CHIC.


Vitamin D and S(ensuality)
I prefer not to take any chances and hence packed a full bottle of sunscreen in SPF50, PA+++. By the end of the trip, I emptied half the bottle. Not kidding.

Besides the skin, I was worried for the hair too. Strong sunrays and heat can cause damage to hair cuticles and expedite the fading of any gorgeous hair colouring you might have. Enters Alterna Hair’s Bamboo Colour Hold + Fade Proof Finishing Gloss. The product is a light-weight oil with leave-in formula that shields my hair with a UVA/UVB barrier while finishing with a slight hint of sheen to enhance vibrancy. Dry, hay-like hair looks more LOST/Survivor than Robinson Crusoe-CHIC.

I indulged in a shimmering body oil to add a glowing touch of sexiness (hey it’s my honeymoon). Champneys’ Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil is a blend of the most nourishing natural oils and very subtle gold shimmers. Perfect for faking a radiant skin, even in the harsh, sunny weather of Maldives. Containing jojoba, sesame seed and rice bran oils, and ylang ylang, sandalwood and exotic patchouli essential oils, the body oil smells like a spa already. Definitely a keeper, especially for date nights. ;) 

Never too many bathing suits (and hats)
Bathing suits hardly took up any space in my luggage. In fact my bag was 80% packed with bottles of sunscreen, lotions, body oils and my wide brim hats.


Unfortunately, not being able to defy Mother Nature and forces of gravity, two-piece swimsuits are not really my thing lately. I’ve been favouring one-piece suits with interesting fabrics, plunging necklines and cut out sides.



The Great Cover-up
I’m not used to jiggling my fun packs outside of the beach area. In between swims and meal times, I’d throw over a loose tunic or roomy dress for comfort. Don’t want to catch a cold too!


Major love for the bright neon pink Baggu bag which can be spotted miles away

1901247_10153194801919041_3879414598428066364_nRiver Island oil slick tunic with semi-sheer lace10245513_10153194774859041_283213216130595217_n

Mango shirt dress in blue porcelain10291285_10153194774864041_8405523965762210070_n10173560_10153194855239041_3351728754660215700_n

Lightweight dress, from an Aussie brand, I gotten many years ago at the Bondi Beach

For the Candlelit Dinner
What’s a honeymoon without a candlelit dinner at the beach front? So for that one night, I dressed up a little in a dark red maxi dress with chiffon layers billowing in the late night Maldives breeze.


Dim lights and flickering candles forbade me from taking a good picture of my dress that night so the above image is taken from another occasion but you get the idea. :)

Just Kicking Back & Relax
There was one item missing from my luggage – bra. I packed no bras, except for the one I wore while travelling on the plane. And for the first time amongst all my overseas trips, I went with just one pair of sandals.

Before we made our way to Maldives, I told The Man this has to be a relaxing holiday right from day one. One which sees us walking around barefooted and chilling in our pyjamas.

10271599_10153194854154041_610081361408065092_nOkay I cheated a bit with my shirt dresses and tunics. But on most mornings, I strolled along the board walk to watch the sunrise in my PJs. We would sit at the front pouch in our PJs until the sky turns into a brilliant blue (cue for breakfast). And we weren’t the only ones who treated the sea, sand and sky as our personal backyard.

Uniqlo’s spaghetti strap tops and 3/4 drawstring bottoms are my go-to night wear. Soft to the touch and lightweight, the clothes are like silk to skin after being exposed to a day of scorching hot sun.   
1398904059747My one and only footwear for the trip and it was only wore during air travel

It wasn’t inconvenient to go sans bra since most of my dresses are padded. The Man went barefoot most part of the holiday. I would have if there wasn’t an abundance of broken sea shells on the beach. :( My skin wasn’t cut but the shells were sure prickly.

What would you pack for your dream beach holiday?


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