I had no qualms chopping off my long locks. Not an ounce of pity.

In fact, I was looking forward to transforming my tired-looking hair; it’s been over a year since I grew my hair for the wedding and especially after the Maldives trip (sea salt MUCH) , my hair needed some TLC.


ASOS floral top and metallic burgundy pleated skirt
Zatchels x Jacky Tsai ‘Virus’ saddle bag
Charles & Keith silver pumps 

A trip to Salon Vim saw my hair gone from straight flat to ‘zhi ba BOOM’. I’m not sure how long the curls will last since my hair is naturally s t r a i g h t as a freshly ironed, wrinkle-free shirt, but I’m enjoying the frizzy texture for now. These days, mornings are less of a hassle when it comes to hair styling. No more headaches of curling my hair and watching them go flat by lunch time. All I need to do now is scrunch curling lotion onto my hair and viola!

Love this liberation.


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