1939610_10153089918339041_302909092_nI opted for an outdoor solemnisation. I know, I was pretty nuts. December? Outdoor? Wedding??

The few days leading up to the wedding were a little rainy. But I wasn’t fazed; after all they were just passing showers in the afternoon. My ceremony was to take place at 6.30pm and by then, the skies should have cleared for a beautiful sunset backdrop.


mon cher frère escorting my pretty little flower girl down the aisle

Quite clearly, I was just being hopeful. While I was having my makeup done at the hotel, the thunders started to roll, then the skies opened. No matter how many times I prepped myself to be prepared for this situation, I cannot hide a disappointment. I teared a little but maybe it’s because the makeup artist was jabbing at my eye so hard while tightlining. LOL

Aisle collage

You can’t tell but we were squeezing each other’s hands so hard to contain our nervousness

Before the wedding, I handed my maid-of-honour the unpleasant task of making the call should it rain before the ceremony. ‘I leave it to you,’ I said and thankfully, my maid-of-honour was a head of ultimate CALM. She, with the rest of the wedding party, arrived at the venue early to prep and made the decision to proceed despite the slight drizzle. I’m glad we went ahead because the drizzle was barely noticeable, save for the slightly damp ground.

1557668_10153089918749041_966690773_nWhen we arrived, the wedding party was waiting for us with all the umbrellas in the world they could lay their hands on. I was so ever grateful to have them being so prepared.


 The music starts

My little niece was an absolute professional flower girl; counting her steps and switching between her left and right hands to scatter the petals.1795774_10153089918469041_1357263077_nMy maid-of-honour cum ring bearer ;)



My brother-in-law was holding up two umbrellas! 




1898074_10153089919564041_428268691_n 1975207_10153089919289041_648308131_n 10013968_10153089919359041_1411978502_nMy cha-cha mate


 Simple flower decor by Blissful Thots



A little drama before we reached Keppel Club though. I FORGOT my hand bouquet! The Man drove and we were just minutes away from Keppel Club when I realised I left the hand bouquet in the hotel room at Conrad. First we were delayed by traffic, then we had to turn back!

The Man was clearly anxious as he weaved through the traffic, breathing heavily. I did my best to stay calm by staring into space. (LOL) We were late for our own wedding! Then we figured: “Hey what the heck. The ceremony can’t start without us anyway. So chill.” :)

And the drama doesn’t stop there. Our ring bearer, The Man’s cousin’s young son, was late. The whole family did not arrive until the dinner was about to start. But no sweat, we shrugged our shoulders and proceeded anyway.

While the melody of Canon in D piped in (my dream come true!), I waited for my turn to walk down the damp wooden aisle with bated breath. I was hoping to keep The Mother calm by holding her hand but she whispered to me to stop squeezing her hand so tightly. Oops!

Kudos to The Mother for being a good sport. At the hotel while we were prepping, the clip-on crystal earrings, which I gifted her, fell apart. I was annoyed as it was from a reputable accessories store and it didn’t come cheap. She seemed a little disappointed as we had no extra earrings for her. Fortunately The Mother’s hair stylist made sure her hair was well-coiffed to make up for the lack of bling.

The con of not holding the wedding at a hotel is that one has to be a damn good and meticulous packer to make sure all essential items are transported from the hotel to the dinner site. My experience for running events trained me well enough. A good long list of stuff (includes make-up kit, accessories, dresses, that thank-you speech card, heels, decorative items) were checked and double-checked and made sure they are delegated to our wedding party.

But of course, I forgot my own hand bouquet.


A HUGE relief after the ceremony was over.

Old wives’ tale has it that if it rains on your wedding day, it bears auspicious significance. I sure hope! Turns out that a few guests saw a rainbow across the sky just as the solemnisation took place. :) So I guess the little drizzle wasn’t all a bad thing after all.

What is the one thing that you didn’t expect but glad it happened at your wedding?


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