I’m almost seven months late with this post. So much has happened since then – a short break to Shanghai/Nanjing to visit The Man, an awesome trip to paradise and the madness and drama that comes along with the new house. Still, I haven’t stopped feeling grateful to our family and friends who made time to be part of our wedding.

The wedding day didn’t mark a ‘Happily Ever After’ and fullstop. Instead that was just the beginning of our journey to make each other a better person and to fulfill the other half of one another. We still fight (mostly me), launch cold wars (also me) and dirty clothes are still being strewn around the room (always him).

I’m surprised we even made it this far. Neither of us were serial daters – although we are both insanely hawt – and so when we (mainly me) started dating, it was a major leap of commitment and faith. We took two years and some, loving and enjoying each other’s company as friends, until one fine day I told him how much I miss him and think I love him over MSN while I was feeling homesick and stricken with traveller’s diarrhoea. It’s the Middle East.

It’s crazy in retrospect on how much I hated him when I  first met him. I was so sure he’s never my type until he showed me the things he could do for me that only he can.

Up till today, I love him even when I hate him. That’s crazy, stupid love. :)


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