Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetI found a new love recently. Fret not, I haven’t abandoned The Man for another dashing suave dude. :)

I’ve been trying out a few artsy activities to while my time away and to serve as an outlet for my pented up stress. I took courses on flower arrangement (pretty but short life span), tried art jams (enjoyable but end product takes up much space) and short stitch embroidery (my favourite hobby when young but my eyesight is gradually failing me).

I toyed with the idea of Chinese calligraphy but somehow I ended up joining a one-session workshop for modern calligraphy. Now I’m officially hooked!

I find myself more at peace when I write. Perhaps in calligraphy one tends to misspell very easily (it’s strange but true) and hence it tends a good amount of concentration. Gradually I envelope myself in another world, focusing only on my writing and breathing. When I wake up from the surreality, it feels like a tonne of stones has been lifted from my shoulders.

It’s also great to go through meaningful quotes and beautiful poems, and when I write them, it feels like the morals of these verses are inculcated into me. Now I cannot go a day without writing a phrase or two. And what do they say, practise makes perfect. ;)

I’m FAR from perfect but I’m enjoying the process anyway. Crazy thing is, I am compiling a sketch book with meaningful quotes handwritten by me to be passed on to my children. A book of life’s lessons and inspirations to help them get by this sometimes difficult life. Of course I’m adding a section choke full of romantic poems so that they get a head start in wooing their partners. They’ll thank me for it.

Anyway, I leave you with some of my favourite quotes and poems. :)




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